Country Club Prices

Indoor and Lagoon Pools
Bookings are essential!
New prices as from 1st October 2018
1st time Indoor Pool users must have an assessment with our Swim instructor Annie. You can contact her on 0457 284 690 (additional charges apply)
You do not need a lesson to use our lagoon pool and book direct with our office on 9740 1272

Number of Dogs

Half Hour Session

One Hour Session

One dog $12 $20
Two dogs $18 $25
Three dogs $23 $32
Four dogs & over $8 per dog $11 per dog

Optional Extras
Activity areas $8 per dog for up to 1 hour $6 per dog if 4 or more dogs
Shower Bay Rinse (no shampoo used) $3
Shower bay wash $11 large Breed $9 Small Breed
Hydrobath $16 Large Breed $12 Small Breed (dryer included)
Dryer $2 per dog

Group Bookings (minimum 10 dogs)
All group booking are now run by “Fun for Dogs’ They can be contacted on 0447 286 639 for further details and to make bookings.