At Kepala Canine Country Club, we have 4 fully enclosed exercise runs for your dog to safely run around in. They are a great way to exercise your dog if you don’t have a large yard at home and/or if you don’t like going to public, off-leash parks where strange, unknown dogs frequently visit.

The largest grass exercise run is approximately 70m long x 20m wide and is surrounded by lush, green grass and trees. A great place to come and do some training with your dog, or just to give your dog a sense of freedom and run around.

Apart from the grassed runs, we also have our famous sand run which is totally covered in sand. Ideal for those who love a good workout and for those on exercise regimes.

If you and your dog are into Agility, then why not come and practice in our fully fenced agility area. The area comprises of agility equipment, from a-frame to pause table. There is also a shaded area with bench seats for you to rest.

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You can use the exercise runs either on their own, or to give your dog a run around and dry off after a swim. How you use them is entirely up to you!

Why not organise a group of friends to join you and your dog and enjoy all the facilities here at Kepala Canine Country Club.