Kepala Pet Resort FAQs

What Vaccinations are required for my pet?

Dogs: All our doggie guests require a C5 vaccine which covers Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Bordetella & Canine Cough. The vaccination certificate is required on arrival and then every 12 months when it is updated. Those dogs that recieve the 3 year vaccine must still have the yearly Canine Cough vaccination.

Cats: All our feline guests require a minimum of F3. This vaccine covers Feline Enteritis, Rhinotracheitis Virus and Calici Virus which both cause Cat Flu. The vaccination certificate is required on arrival and then every 12 months when it is updated.

We recommend all pets have regular flea and worm treatments.

What do I need to bring for my pet during their stay?

Dogs – We provide food, bowls and bedding for your pet during their stay. You are welcome to bring along bedding and toys from home if you feel it will make their stay more enjoyable. However they should be clearly labelled with your pets name to help ensure they are returned at the end of your pets stay. You may also bring along your doggies favourite treats such as schmakoes or dentabones etc. All dogs must be on a lead whilst you are booking them in. Your pets vaccination certificate is required on arrival and emergency contact phone numbers for yourself as well as a friend or relative.

Cats - We provide food, bowls, bedding, litter tray and a scratching post for your pet during their stay. However we understand the transition from home to the cattery can be a little unsettling for some, so you are more than welcome to bring along their bed, blanket and toys. These items should be clearly labelled to help ensure they are returned at the end of their stay. You may also bring along their favourite treats or food. A secure carry cage is required to bring your cat into the office, this can be stored above your cats cabin until you return. Your pets vaccination certificate is required on arrival and emergency contact phone numbers for yourself as well as a friend or relative.

What do you feed my pet?

All our pets are fed a high quality premium dry food which aims to supply all the required nutrients to maintain your pet while boarding with us. However we are aware that some dogs or cats may require a special diet which you are more than welcome to provide from home. Just ensure food is labelled with your pets name and instructions for feeding and given to our office staff on arrival.

What will my pet do during his or her stay?

Dogs - There is always plenty of stimulation for all our canine guests. Pets are never lonely with the company of the other dogs and the staff. Kepala Pet Resort is a very busy place, whilst doggies are in their kennels they can see the other dogs and everything that the staff do during the day. Whilst their kennel is being cleaned dogs are given time to run about individually in our off leash grass areas, once in the morning and again in the afternoon. All dogs are fed one main meal per day.

Cats - All our feline guests are made to feel at home in the relaxing surrounds of the cattery. They can laze about and enjoy the soothing music or watch the fish swim about in the fish tanks or just sleep the day away. All cats are exercised once per day whilst their cabin is being cleaned in the morning – they are given the opportunity to roam about individually in the secure surrounds of the cattery. All cats are fed one main meal per day.

Do you offer a Pick Up and Delivery Service?

We do provide a pick up and delivery service. Price varies depending on location and we usually pick up and deliver between 11.00pm - 1.00pm Monday - Friday. Please contact us for transport prices.

What happens if my pet has medications?

All staff are able to administer basic medications (a small charge applies). Medications should be labelled accurately and correctly with your pets name & dosage instructions and given to our office staff on arrival. An accurate record of when we administer the medications is kept at all times. Please bring more medication than your pet needs for there stay in case you are held up.

What happens if my pet falls ill during their stay?

We have an on call vet 24 hours per day should any problems arise during your pets stay. We also take your pets vet details on arrival so we can discuss any problems that may arise. We will contact you if we have any concerns with your pet during their stay. All associated vet fees are to be paid by the pets owner.

Can I ring and check on my pet while I am away?

We understand it can be difficult to leave your pets behind so owners or friends are more than welcome to call and check on their pets at anytime while they are away. We will be more than happy to let you know how they are settling in.

What time can I pick up and drop off my pet?

We are open 7 days per week.
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday – 8.30am - 4.00pm
Wednesday - 10:00am - 12:00pm
Saturday - 8.30am - 12.30pm
Sunday - 10:00 - 12:00 (by appointment only) & 2.00pm - 4.00pm

Can my pet be mixed with other pets?

Our policy is that we do not mix dogs unless they are from the same family. Two family dogs however may be boarded & exercised together with the owners consent and if they are compatible.

My dog is quite active what extra exercise can I request for my dog?

We understand that some dogs are more active than others or require more personal time, therefore we offer playtimes and swimming. Playtime is a one on one 15 minute session with one of the attendants in one of our large grass off leash areas. This time can be used for ball throwing, extra cuddles or just time to sniff around.

Swim sessions are one on one time with one of the attendants in our outside lagoon pool. Swim sessions are usually in the warmer months only and dogs should be confident in swimming. Please talk to our office staff if you are interested in booking in a swim or playtime session for your pet (additional charges do apply).

Will my dog be washed during its stay?

Dogs boarding 7 days or longer will receive a complimentary wash before departure. If your dog is boarding for a shorter period of time we can wash them by request however charges do apply.

Canine Country Club FAQs

Are bookings required or can I just turn up on the day?

Bookings are essential and must be made over the phone, this is to ensure you have private use of the area. When a booking is made the area is for your use only unless you bring friends along.

What are the opening and closing times?

We are open 7 days a week between 9.00am - 4.00pm.

Is there a time limit on the facilities?

Bookings for the indoor pool and outdoor pool are booked into ½ hour time slots. Usually 1/2 an hour is long enough for most dogs to enjoy a swim, however if you have more dogs or if your doggie loves the water longer sessions can be booked (extra charges apply).
There is a 1 hour time limit on the activity areas.

My dog cant swim, can you teach him?

Not all dogs are born with the natural ability to swim therefore we do offer swim lessons. One of our expert staff will coach your dog in water confidence and swimming. They will also show you the correct technique to swim your dog in the pool to ensure a safe and enjoyable swim. Life jackets are available and are used for those first time swimmers and for those who are a little unsure.

Can I get in the pool with my dog?

No due to health and safety our indoor pool and outdoor pool are for dogs only. Dogs can be led around the indoor pool on a lead. Our outdoor pool has a blue line which allows you to enter up to that line but not over it.

I want to book in to use the indoor heated pool are there any special requirements?

All new users to our indoor heated pool must have a swim lesson for their first time. Even though many dogs have swam at the beach, rivers and dams they are not used to using a pool and therefore can be reluctant to swim confidently and safely. A lesson also ensures dog owners are confident in using the pool for a safe and comfortable swim.

New users to our lagoon pool do not require a swim lesson as this is very similar to swimming at the beach or in the river. However life jackets are always available and may be used if doggies are a little unsure.

What do I need to bring?

You can bring along anything that makes your doggies visit as enjoyable as possible. We supply leads, collars and lifejackets for those dogs using the indoor pool. A towel can be bought along for drying your doggy off after a swim otherwise we do have dryers available. Balls, toys etc can be brought along to play with in the activity areas.